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Things to Help Your Country

One of the best ways to help your country is to support our military veterans. Sharing It Forward, profiled on our Community page helps homeless veterans get housing. POW Inc. is a new grass roots program to help combat veterans adjust back to civilian life.

P.O.W. stands for Pugilistic Offensive Warrior Tactics. The POW program was started by Todd Vance in July of 2010 in San Diego. According to POW, "The old way of medicating vets into submissive zombies has taken their warrior ethos away from them, along with their sense of pride." POW's mission is to give veterans quality physical conditioning while focusing on veteran-specific issues. POW teaches veterans to work with physical and mental limitations and how to overcome and adapt to these challenges. POW also provides camaraderie and networking for veterans, using the short term and long term goals of martial arts to provide better health and focus. Read more about the program at POW San Diego.


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