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Things to Help Your Community

One community organization most people have heard of is Habitat for Humanity. Habitat focuses on building decent, affordable houses. They use volunteer labor (including lots of "sweat equity" by the recipient family) and donated materials. Check out their website for ways to volunteer. Most cities have a local chapter.

Not everyone is ready for home ownership. Some folks need more of a transition period. Sharing It Forward is a great non-profit organization formed to help homeless families, especially veterans. SIF partners with other organizations, mentors, and coaches, to introduce basic knowledge like financial education (including money management), healthy living, personal responsibility, and entrepreneurship to create multiple streams of income.

The founder of SIF, Kristen Dominguez, has personal experience of coming back from homelessness. Kristen and her family ended up homeless after she contracted Fibromyalgia. She and her husband are both veterans. After solving their own homeless problem, Kristen and her family decided to help others in similar situations. Check out their website to see how you can help. Maybe you could start a local chapter.

Other Community Service Opportunities: Food Banks, Shelters (Homeless, Battered Women, Animals), Adopt-a-Highway litter pickup, Animal Rescue, Soup Kitchens, Clothing Banks (often based in churches), grass roots political campaigns, Scout Leaders, Youth Sports organizations, Zoning Boards, School Boards, Civic organizations, Friends of the Library, Local Events.

For a great example of uplifting a community, take a look at VertiKal Magazine and founder Norman Anderson. VertiKal's mission is to, “Uplift, Enhance, and Educate, our local neighborhood for the betterment of our Global Community.” Besides the magazine, VertiKal also produces a radio show on blogtalkradio.


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