...what if we all did Just ONE Thing to make the world a better place?

Together We Can Build a Better World

Start Small, and Watch the Ripples GROW

Whatever frequency you are willing to commit to, there's something you can do. Here's some examples for different time scales:

  • Once a YEAR: Donate clothes you haven't worn all year to charity, plant a tree
  • Once a MONTH: Call old friends, free a day for yourself
  • Once a WEEK: Recycle
  • Once a DAY: Compliment someone
  • Once an HOUR: SMILE!

Here's the levels you can focus on improving:

  • YOU: don't forget to do something for YOURSELF!
  • Your FAMILY
  • Your FRIENDS
  • Your STATE
  • Your COUNTRY
  • The WORLD

Here are some areas you CAN affect:

  • Physical Health: Drink more water, walk more
  • Emotional Wellbeing: Smile, volunteer, take time for yourself
  • Financial Security: Save more, pay down credit cards, use coupons
  • Environment: Recycle, reuse plastic bags, pick up litter, plant trees
  • Society (Human Relations): Compliment someone, help someone, forgive someone

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